Beating the Pre-Spring Blues.

Just as it seemed that spring had finally sprung, here we all are back in the depths of winter. Even though the days are getting longer and the sun is poking its head out now and then, it can be hard to feel cheerful when just as you’d cracked out your leather jacket and sunglasses, you find yourself reaching for your thermals, dufflecoat and all the hats, gloves and scarves you can lay your hands on. So I’ve put together a couple of ideas for a few mood-boosters:

Find some hygge.

That could mean lighting all the candles, snuggling up on the sofa with blankets and a cheeky gin or a cuppa, and watching a cheerful movie or it could mean an hour or so in the bath with a facemask and a new book or catching up on some podcasts: you do you. Finding some cosy has often been linked to happiness – just ask any Danish person about hygge, and you’ll find loads of ideas to up the cosiness and also uplift your mood. Hygge is something that is only intensified by that raging storm outside – it’s the juxtaposition of being warm and cosy against the weather that should make you feel the opposite, which is why being cosy is something you usually associate with the cold winter months.

As you can probably tell, cosiness and the idea of hygge are something I’m a great advocate of. One of my favourite evenings ever was spent with my boyfriend building a pillowfort in the living room, having a floor picnic and snuggling up together to watch a Disney movie – we’ve only ever done it that one time, and it was so special and cosy it makes me smile every time I think about it.

Treat yo’self.

Buy a new skincare product, or a new book you’ve been dying to read; have a cheeky cocktail with your girlfriends or your fella – whatever you’re into, find a way to give yourself a little boost by treating yourself to something. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean buying yourself something new – a treat could be as simple as a slice of cake or letting yourself lie in for a few extra minutes on a Sunday morning. Sometimes it really is the little happinesses in life that make all the difference.

Tidy your mind (and maybe your house too).

Meditation and yoga are both things I find really useful when I’m anxious or feeling low, as they really help to press the pause button after a busy day and reset my body and mind. Whether it’s signing up for a class or just you at home with an app and your yoga mat, it’s really worth trying, I promise.

I also find I’m much brighter when the house is a little tidier; so wash those sheets, hoover that rug and tackle that big pile of washing up that’s been sitting on the side for days – your mood will thank you!

Go somewhere new.

This could mean planning your summer holiday, or a big trip you want to save up for in a year’s time – or even having a staycation on a free weekend and finding some hidden gems near where you live. Maybe you live close to a city you’ve always wanted to visit but never found the time, or perhaps there’s a beach or park that you haven’t explored yet. Cosying up in the house can be great after a long day, but getting out and discovering a new favourite destination can really boost your mood.

Something I also really love to do is travel alone – my boyfriend is wonderful, but we have very different interests and sometimes it’s refreshing to not have to worry about dragging him around shops or to be able to see a movie in the cinema I know he wouldn’t go to. Or perhaps you’ve found a BFF who enjoys all the same things as you do – in which case: go somewhere new together! Whether you’re planning 3-week safari or walking along a beach you’ve never visited, going somewhere new can really help you to press the reset button.

Be productive.

Since starting my bullet journal I’ve really noticed a boost in both my productivity and my mood. It really helps to plan my week; from all my activities and work to a list of things to buy, it’s nice to have everything laid out in a physical form – and it also helps me not to forget things! The 365 Bullet Guide is great for getting you started, and I use this Leuchtturm 1917 journal to write everything in (I’m thinking of doing a whole post on bullet journaling, let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!).

If bullet journaling isn’t your thing, maybe keeping a diary or finding another way of writing down your thoughts might help. I always try to write down anything in my head right before I go to sleep, and it really helps to clear my head.

So there you have it! Is there anything missing from my list? What else you find helps you perk yourself up at this time of year? I’d love to hear any suggestions you have!


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