Hi there, and welcome to my shiny new blog This Girl Is.

It’s lovely to meet you, and thanks for taking the time to take my bloggo for a little spin. Really excited to start blogging about all the good stuff – fashion, lifestyle, beauty, interior bits, and a good ole’ dose of cuteness in the form of my Dalmatian puppy, Lola. All this, and perhaps the odd bit of travel – just in case I win the lottery and can spend my days swanning about on yacht, or more realistically just the occasional day trip to the british seaside – I’ll be sure to take y’all along with me!


This little venture has been a long time coming (sorry to all my friends and family that have put up with me talking about this endlessly for the past 9 months), and I’ve been deliberating getting this started since I wrote my New Year’s resolutions. Finally I’ve got this little corner of the internet to call my own, and  I am super excited to start sharing lots of lovely things with you all, so watch this space!

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to have a little nosey on my about page. Or even pop over to my instagram and facebook pages and have a good scroll – I won’t tell, honest!

Hope to see you here again soon!

Lottie X


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