Moving House, Part 1.

So, as most of you who follow me on Instagram will know by now: WE’VE MOVED!

It’s all been a little bit of a whirlwind, from signing all the contracts to having all our stuff moved in all happening within just over a fortnight. Chaotic doesn’t even begin to cover it! But we finally have a new place with more space and I just couldn’t wait any longer to share a lil bit of it so you can all have a nosey.

As we were able to move into the new house from February 1st and didn’t need to be out of the old one until the 16th, we made the (questionable) decision not to hire a van, but move from one house to another one carload at a time. A word of advice: unless you have the bear minimum amount of possessions and are moving within 10 minutes away,  DON’T DO THIS! Between work and uni, moving boxes full of our stuff every evening was the last thing we wanted to do after about the third consecutive night. Plus, once we were sleeping in the new place I never wanted to set foot in the old place ever again, which made me at times pretty grumpy at the prospect of having to return for another load of things! Whilst I’m very grateful that we managed to do it in the end with the bare minimum amount of money spent and without too much help from other people (shout out to my brilliant parents and our ace friend Luke who helped us out with the bigger items), it was one of the most stressful fortnights of my entire life. For anyone who’s had to endure me moaning about how tired/stressed/anxious I was for the past two weeks: please forgive me!

Moving from one rental to another is often a long process – from scouring Rightmove and  Zoopla for suitable places, to the inevitable disappointment of not being able to afford that house with the roll-top bath/parquet flooring/endless garden, or the sinking feeling you get when you’re so excited to finally view a property, only to find it doesn’t look a thing like the photos and smells of damp. Then there’s being rejected by the landlord of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices, finally settling on a house 20 minutes further away from work than you’d hoped for and paying waaaay too much to an agent just to fill out the paperwork… It’s all a bit of a chore! This time we’re renting from a friend without a rental agent, so we didn’t have to suffer through all that. So I get that in our case, we’ve been very lucky and the whole process has been remarkably easy and a lot less expensive than our previous moves.

The new house is further away from the city, but the train journey to work/uni is quicker than the 40 minute walk it was from our old place in Roath. It’s also the first house we’ve lived in that wasn’t in studentville (huzzah!).

So without further ado, here’s a lil sneaky peak of the new place!

I am planning a room-by-room post at some point, but I couldn’t resist giving y’all a few snaps of the new pad to be going on with. There’s still quite a bit of work to do – like hanging all our prints and probably a fair amount of re-arranging furniture for a while, but it’s finally ours! We currently have no sofa or dining table/chairs as our old ones just would not fit into the new space, and we thankfully managed to sell them on Gumtree. Hence why there aren’t any photos of downstairs yet (maybe in part 2…). I am willing to put up with the camping chairs for a week or so whilst we find the perfect replacements; I dare you to find a greater joy than furniture shopping! We also have no desk currently (we were using another dining table given to us by a friend as a makeshift desk before), but I ordered this hun from West Elm (it was 40% off at the time, but seems to be full price again now – boo) and am bursting to get it into my new office.

It’s just so light and airy and nice and EUGH, I never want to stop wandering from room to room and admiring it all. Be prepared for A LOT more house spam on Instagram for a while pals!

What do you think of the new place? Do you have any furniture suggestions or moving tips you wanna share? Leave a comment!


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