So far in 2018, we haven’t really been anywhere. Early on in the year we went skiing in January, but as I’m maybe the least sporty person you will ever meet (something I am trying my best to change!), it didn’t really feel like a holiday. It was fun, and I’m so glad we did it – but it was so tiring that I came back feeling like I needed another holiday to recover!

Since I took some time out to focus on uni work, I’ve been feeling so ready to fly off somewhere. I think it might have something to do with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately, mixed with fomo about having to spend the majority of my time sat at my desk or in a practice room. But I am finally free now, so I thought I’d give you all a little run down of my travel plans for the rest of 2018. The first couple are definite trips we’ve already booked, along with a couple I’d really like to squeeze in before the end of the year if we can.

Disneyland Paris

At the beginning of August we’re taking a trip I’ve been excited about since we began planning it almost a year ago – DISNEYLAND PARIS! I’m a true Disney nerd (currently #1 on QuizUp on the topic of Disney Villains guys, so proud!), and this will be my sixth time visiting the happiest place on earth, although it’s been six years since my last visit. SIX.

I’m taking this trip with my long-suffering boyfriend (not the biggest Disney fan), along with my parents, my sister and brother-in-law – who I think are almost as excited about it as I am! It’s almost a graduation celebration for me, and I cannot wait. We’ve chosen to stay in the Newport Bay Club, which is just the most lovely New England-inspired yacht club hotel; I can’t wait to spam you all with lots of instagram photos of it, and there will be plenty of blog posts about the trip I’m sure!

Something about Disney just feels like home to me – I still remember the first time I rode Big Thunder Mountain when I was 7, or skipping and singing along to the parades with my sister when we were slightly older than 7… There’s just nothing about Disneyland I dislike. From living on a diet of Mickey-shaped cakes and fast food, to watching the parades or fireworks, to the rush I feel after I’ve been on the Big Thunder Mountain for the sixth time that trip; I’m here for it all!

Glasgow, Edinburgh & The Scottish Highlands

Ever since Felix and I travelled to New Zealand last February for a family wedding, we’ve been craving another road-trip style holiday. So at the beginning of September, we’re packing up the car and driving northwards to Scotland for 2 weeks!

The plan is to make a pit-stop on the way up at York, then head to Edinburgh for a few days to explore the city and hopefully a few gin distilleries (Eden Mill and Edinburgh Gin are currently top of our lists), then head out into the west Highlands near Loch Lomond for a week or so. Then on to Glasgow for a couple of days for some more city-exploring (I already have plans to head to NAF! purely based on their insta feed), finally calling in Manchester on our way home.

It’s gonna be a jam-packed 2 weeks, but I love exploring cities and Felix is never one to sit still for long, and with a week hopefully in a Scottish cabin somewhere (all suggestions welcome!) where we can walk and read, I hope we’ll find the perfect balance between adventuring and some much-needed downtime. It will be so nice to spend some extended time together, as between Felix’s 9-to-5, and uni plus a part-time retail job for me, we often struggle to find a whole day a week to do anything with.

Although we’ve already booked a few things, accomodation is something we’re struggling with a little currently. We’re looking for places on a budget but still central to the cities, self-catering and (as we have a little woofer joining us – more on that in another post…) dog-friendly; a combination that seems to be drawing up blanks for the most part, but hopefully we will manage to get it all sorted soon!



This one is still a little up in the air, but I might be visiting Italy with a few friends at the end of September. I’ve never been to Italy, so I really hope this one goes ahead; although admittedly it’s mostly for the opportunity to scoff as much pasta, pizza and gelato as I can get my hands on (#fatty). I’ve heard Naples is lovely, but I really don’t know much about the area or where is worth visiting; all suggestions on a postcard for this one please!


London is my one true love; I can’t ever get enough of this city. It’s not one I’ve ever got to spend much time in, especially in recent years, and I’m desperate to try and find a window for a sneaky getaway to the Big Smoke. This might have something to do with all the other bloggers I follow in London, but I have a list longer than my arm of new places to visit, and I’m dying to get stuck in!

That being said, there are some places I’ve been so many times I’ve lost track, but a trip to London wouldn’t be complete without them. The V&A is a longstanding favourite of mine, along with an hour or two getting lost in Harrods and I always make time to visit both places no-matter how long I’m in the city for.


Felix and I last visited in November a couple of years ago, and I’m determined to go back a little closer to Christmas when Tivoli is open this year! The Danish people there are some of the friendliest you’ll meet; last time we visited we were standing outside a train station looking at a map, and someone offered us help without us even asking. Yep, it’s about as far from the unfriendliness of the UK as you can get!

As a city, it’s got so much culture and history to explore and I feel like there’s lots left to do that we didn’t cover on our last visit. I don’t think Felix is particularly keen to return, so this might be one that I attempt alone or maybe with my mum – it’s usually not hard to coerce her into any festive activities!


Have you been to anywhere on my list? Do you have any exciting trips coming up?


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