Well hello! It’s been a while, pals. For a while there, life got a bit messy. I mean, life is always messy to a degree – but I’ll spare you most of the (pretty boring) details.

So, where am I now? What’s new?

I’m still in Cardiff (ish), still in the same house, same cute dog, same boyfriend (he’s kinda cute too, I guess). Same shop job I’ve been in for just over 4 years alongside my degree. Only the degree has been done for a while now, along with those student grants, and so funds are a bit tighter than they have been whilst the graduate job search has been in full swing.

The short story is simply that for a while there, I couldn’t afford the blog as it was. WordPress, despite advertising the charges for their plans as ‘monthly’, will only charge you annually for your plan as a lump sum; when the time came for renewal, I just couldn’t afford to do it. It made me really sad and unhappy to the point that I totally gave up writing for a while, but I missed the blog so much and didn’t want the work to go to waste. I know I don’t have a lot of followers – thanks to anyone taking the time to read anything I’ve ever written, you’re ace! – but this lil corner of the internet feels good for the ol’ noggin.

Luckily, I have a great friend (hey there Luke, thanks again man!) who knows how to sort stuff like this out, and he’s managed to retrieve all the old posts and photos and set me up with a new format for all these blog-related shenanigans. And so here we are – This Girl Is 2.0, as it were.

I’ve got some (I think) great ideas for things to write about in the short term, but if there’s anything you’d like to read about or want to know about me, please let me know! I’d eventually like This Girl Is to have its own community across as many different platforms as possible, so do please get in touch however you’d like – leave me a comment here, or on the Instagram or Facebook pages. Hopefully I’ll get on top of Twitter again soon too, and there may or may not also be some Youtube videos in the future (I’m currently undecided), so there should be even more ways to interact with my content. Let me know what speaks to you – I wanna hear all your suggestions ASAP.

But for now: welcome back little blog, I’ve missed ya!


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