Rented bathrooms can be the WORST. Right now we’re lucky – our bathroom (like most of the house) is white and grey, and we were the first people to use it so it didn’t need too deep of a clean. Whilst it is clean and modern, I still often dream of what my bathroom would look like if I could design my own from scratch. White subway tiles, a roll top bath, brass fittings, shelves stacked with houseplants and beauty products… sigh. Whilst for the foreseeable future this all remains a daydream for me, I couldn’t help but spend a little bit of time planning everything I would want for my imagined haven of a bathroom.

So after ransacking my many Pinterest boards, here is a mixture of pieces and inspiration for my future bathroom of dreams, along with a few bits and bobs that can freshen up even the most dreary of rented loos!

(If any of my picks catch your eye, the links are in the shop names on the captions for the photos.)

What do you think of my picks? I really struggled to narrow it down to these – there are just too many cute bathroom pieces out there to choose from!


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