What is the weather doing at the moment? I mean, I’m not complaining – but I do feel like transitional dressing has come around again super quickly… Which probably means it’s actually going to snow again next week! Anyway, this (however brief) mini heatwave has galvanised me to start thinking about dressing for the warmer months.

As cliche as the big spring clean is, it felt like the right time to have a big clothes clearout to make room for a few new pieces. I’m trying much harder to spend a little more on individual items of clothing and buy less – quality over quantity. As someone who always likes a lot of options, this is something of a challenge for me; but I’m trying my hardest to make it work.

So I thought I would put together a little clothes wishlist for the upcoming spring season; things that would work just as well with a few added layers for now, and on their own or with some of my existing summer clothes later in the year.

1. The midi dress

I’m so glad midi dresses became a thing again a couple of years ago, as it’s really helped me to become less afraid of dressing in the summer when I’m really not in the mood to ‘bare all’ and get my little pale sausage legs out! Free People really know how to make a dress, and I spent most of last summer lusting after them. The majority of their summery styles don’t seem to have been released yet, but some of their current selection are just wonderful. Monsoon, & Other Stories and Urban Outfitters are also favourites of mine for dresses – I try and browse their new styles fairly often so I don’t miss out.

2. The denim jacket

My current denim jacket has definitely seen better days, so I’m looking forward to buying a new one for this year. This type of jacket is so versatile, and I find that on days where it’s slightly cooler but still too warm for a jumper, a denim jacket keeps me the perfect temperature. I’ll also often throw one on over a lighter outfit if I can feel myself turning a lil pink in the sun during the summer, or over a jumper on a crisper spring day. When it’s the time of year when my leather jacket becomes that bit too heavy, I know it’s time for denim!

Whilst my old jacket was distressed and quite oversized, I’m really feeling a more fitted, polished style for this season. I want something in a little darker blue than my usual light denim, potentially cropped and that sits just at the waist to go wear with all those aforementioned midi dresses. Hmm… the hunt is on!

3. The white trainers

Okay, so this one might be a little premature, but you really can’t beat a good pair of white trainers! They go with everything, they’re usually comfy as heck and they’re just an essential. Although I usually go for a standard Converse, this year I’m thinking I might branch out into a different pair.

As much as I like white canvas trainers, they do have a tendency to get dirty super fast – and although the ‘lived in’ look can work, it’s less appealing when your trainers are covered with grass and mud stains that you just can’t seem to shift. Maybe this is because I have a tendency to throw them on to walk the dog during the summer – and those of you with pooches will know that this is rarely a clean activity!

4. totes & basket bags

For me, these are one of the biggest perks of the sunnier weather! I love a good bag, and I’m sucker for anything that manages to be both stylish and big enough to fit the kitchen sink inside (what can I say, I’ve never been very good at travelling light!).

I think the great thing about basket bags and canvas totes is that they’re naturally neutral colours whilst still being interesting in texture – meaning they can add interest without overshadowing the rest of your outfit. Plus they’re just too adorable – I’m obsessed.

So there’s my mini spring wardrobe update – I’m off to get saving so I can buy it all! Is there anything I’ve missed that you think is an essential for spring/summer this year?


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