Happy September! I feel like I say this for the beginning of every new month, but I can’t believe how quickly September has come around. Although I have been praying for cooler temperatures for pretty much the last 2 months solidly (anyone also attempting public transport in London right now, I salute you), it does feel slightly strange how autumn is now upon us.

I’m very ready for jacket weather, falling leaves, darker nights and crisper mornings. It’s the season for injecting some hygge back into my everyday by lighting all the candles and getting cosy, and I can’t wait.

So aside from all the autumnal plans I seem to have made already, I need to set some goals for the month ahead. The past 2 months have very much been about finding my feet in London and cutting myself a break for not keeping to a strict routine in any sense, but with the build-up to Christmas fast approaching (I know, too soon, I’m sorry!), September is my month for getting on top of everything.

1. Make a fitness plan and stick to it

I went to my first fitness class in a long time a couple of weeks ago, and it just so happened to be a little place called SoulCycle. Now I would be the first one to admit that I’m not the fittest of people, and I’ve never really felt like I fit in with the ‘lululemon everything’ crowd (which actually is very much the group of people I met at the SoulCycle class!), but going there was surprisingly one of the best things I have ever done. And it’s made me more interested than ever in finding a bit of that post exercise endorphin high on a more regular basis. So in September I want to start moving my bones more, and find a class I can go to once a week. Sadly, I don’t think SoulCycle is really within my budget, but a girl can dream!

2. Keep on top of the blog and Instagram

This one is a biggie. I’ve struggled a lot to keep up with everything since I moved, and even before then for a while I lost motivation. Regular posting on all the platforms has been something I’ve really wanted to do for quite a long time, and I just need to get organised and DO IT (*insert Shia LaBeouf meme here*). Work is starting to ram up a fair amount, so finding time in the evening and at weekends has never seemed more important for finding time for the blog.

3. Get organised

Notebooks, diaries, phone reminders: you are all about to become my best friends again. I love the idea of getting organised, but I can be a little slow at actually getting around to doing any of it… So I’m taking the opportunity to create a new system for keeping on top of it all, which includes digging out my bullet journal again and spending some time making it pretty. I love the ease of technology for planning out my life, but I also have the added complication of work and personal MacBooks I want to keep separated, so writing everything down in a hard copy just makes more sense to me. I want to keep everything in one place, and I think for me, it would just lead to more confusion to sync all my devices up. After all, I don’t really want my work emails pinging up on my personal laptop on weekends, or reminders for upcoming family birthdays disturbing me at work.

So here’s to September – what do you all have planned for the month ahead? Let me know below!


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