As most of you know by now, I am officially a working woman (*insert hair flick emoji here*). I recently started my new job – which has been super exciting and lovely so far, but has also presented me with a bit of a wardrobe challenge. The only jobs I’ve had in the past were either the black shirts and trousers of hotel work or casual, ‘wear whatever you like within reason’ dress codes, so I’ve never had to really think about office wear!

I’m lucky enough to work in an office where I can still basically wear what I want, but also need to be ready to head out to meet clients with very little notice if needed. So I needed to find a range of outfits that could be comfortable enough for days at the desk, but easily smartened up quickly for last minute meetings.

I was determined to find office wear that was smart, but still felt like my style and didn’t feel too rigid; after all, I’m not really a power suit kinda girl. After raiding the few blouses and a couple of dresses I already had, I quickly came to the conclusion that I didn’t really have much else that was really suitable.

I also had the added limit that I was moving from our 3-bedroom house in Cardiff to one room in a flat in London, so I couldn’t really take endless suitcases with me, and was trying to pack the bare minimum. To start with, I just wanted enough combinations to get me through the first couple of weeks, mostly so it was one less thing to stress about. Then once I knew a little more about what I needed, I could invest in a few more pieces.

What I really wanted was a kind of mix-and-match wardrobe, with pieces I could wear for work or pair with other more dressed-down pieces for a more casual look for evenings and weekends. Not asking for much, right?! I’m very much trying to shop a bit more sustainably where I can; I try and buy pieces that might cost a bit more, but are better quality and will last me for years, along with the occasional more trendy pieces. It’s been quite a steep learning curve – and my wallet isn’t quite sure it agrees with my choice yet! – but I do feel like I’m getting there. My wardrobe is smaller, but I’m finding I feel like I want to wear more of it.

So I thought I’d put together a little workwear edit, with a few bits I’ve already picked up, and more that I’m considering investing in. Let me know what you think – and whether you’ll be buying any for yourself! – in the comments below.


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