Happy December, folks. It’s the time of year when I always say ‘oooh, I love reading gift guides, maybe I should have made some’ – only this year, I bloody well have! So I’m kicking off this year’s blogmas with the first of this year’s gift guides: stocking fillers.

I think stockings might be my favourite part of Christmas day present opening. There’s just something about a little pile of gifts – usually all cute miniature versions of my favourite things – that makes me really happy!

When it comes to picking stocking gifts, I usually try to stick to things I know will be used and loved, rather than novelty gifts that are funny for 5 minutes and then quickly forgotten about. I don’t think you can really go too far wrong with the classics: cosy socks, beauty miniatures, hair accessories, jewellery, a little bottle of gin or another tipple you know they love and a good stash of choccy! I also think small books, little jewellery holders, stationery, mini candles, card games, notebooks and even pyjamas all make great additions to a stocking – make it as personal as you can, and you know they’ll love it.

If in doubt, I say always go heavy on the edible items and alcohol miniatures, and maybe add in a bauble or two for the tree the following year, or even make your own for a more personal touch.

Whoever you’re buying for this year, I hope the below will give you a couple of ideas of little gifts for that special someone. And let me know what you’ll be filling your stockings with this year in the comments below!

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