It’s that time again! The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and I’m actually feeling quite excited about December this year. Don’t get me wrong, I always love the holiday season, but it’s been a little while since I actually felt festive. Maybe it’s something to do with not working in retail this year and having a good chunk of time off over Christmas Day itself, or having weekends free to go out and do festive things (shout out to all the guys and gals still working in retail, you bloody troopers!), or maybe it’s because we’re actually living a bit more comfortably this year, so I don’t feel quite as panicked about buying gifts as usual. Whatever the reason, it’s got me belting Christmas songs at the top of my lungs, feeling the urge to bake festive treats and decorating the house with glee!

With it being such a busy time of the year, it seems even more important to set myself a few goals so I don’t go completely off the rails over the next month!

01. Actually switch off for a bit

Now I know we just came back from a little holiday, but it was our first one since the beginning of the year, and it’s got me craving even more chill time. Christmas is usually a time when I can go a little overboard, and between the usual chores and trying to go the extra mile for all my friends and family, I can start to feel burned out before Christmas week rolls around. So, I’m trying to do less this year and actually give myself time to breathe.

Christmas movie evenings, long baths, frosty countryside walks with the dog, lots of candles lit and festive songs playing quietly on all the speakers – along with ordering as many presents online as possible to avoid shopping in the city centre on a Saturday – I’m trying to be quite strict with myself about not taking too much on, and recognising when it’s time to step away from the laptop screen and reset my brain.

02. Strive for a less ‘perfect’ Christmas

Picture this: Christmas Day, just 2 people and a dog in their little house, no family or friends to cater for, just a quiet day where you can please yourselves. Sounds quite relaxed, doesn’t it?

Enter me: ‘it must be PERFECT! This is our first ever Christmas not spending it with one of our families, so we need to make up for that with an elaborate homemade advent calendar, a 3 course dinner, scheduled board games, and enough food to feed a small army (including 2 massive puddings)!

Skip to 11am, a few hours into making dinner at this point, with only the starters made and me running around the kitchen like a maniac, to the point that Felix comes in and firmly tells me to relax, go take a long bath whilst he helps by dealing with the massive mountain of washing up that has appeared since I started cooking, and put dinner on hold until I’m feeling less stressed about it all.

Now, it ended up being a lovely meal, and we both sat around afterwards with extremely full bellies, laughing about the whole thing, but this year, I’d really like to avoid as much stress as possible and just skip to the full bellies and Prosecco at the end! So I’m going to try and keep it a lot more simple, try to put less pressure on myself, and actually enjoy a truly quiet Christmas before the busyness and excitement of spending time with family the next day.

03. Get out and about a little more

I am the definition of a home bird. Alongside the blog, I now work from home full time, and am finding myself getting into a little bit of a staying in rut. So my final goal for December is to try and make some more plans that involve leaving the house a little more!

Yoga classes, cocktail evenings, trips to the cinema, festive activities – sign me up for them all ASAP please!

So there you have it, my goals for December! What are you all up to this month?


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