Now I am the first to admit: Astrid is one spoilt pooch. I am very firmly of the opinion that you should spoil your pets on special occasions – they give us unconditional love, so it’s really the least we can do. My life, or this little corner of the internet actually, wouldn’t be the same without a certain spotty pooch, so it seems only fair that she should get a whole gift guide just for her.

But when it comes to buying her presents, I’m a little limited! She’s a chewer, so every toy will inevitably be ripped apart and eaten, whether it’s edible or not, so my dreams of cute little teddy bears for her to snuggle with are out of the question. She also has a bit of a sensitive stomach (Dalmatians are prone to forming urinary stones, joy!), so we have to limit her purine intake, which basically means she can’t have a lot of game-y meats, offal, etc.

I thought a gift guide would be great to get all the cute things I can’t buy her out of my system, along with lots of things she can (and will!) have in her little stocking this year.

So whether you’ve got a little pupperino or an almost-bear-sized fluffer, here’s a gift guide to help you spoil them all this Christmas. Yappy Howlidays!

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