WELL HELLO! I figured it was about time I wrote something else on here – I know its been a wee while! I thought what better way than by starting a brand new regular feature: monthly favourites.

I toyed with the idea of just doing a payday wishlist: a simple list of things I had my eye on to buy when that paycheck hit at the end of the month, but I figured why not include all the things I’ve been watching/reading/listening to?

Whilst I’ve spent the majority of this month out in the garden pulling out ivy, putting up fences or digging out flowerbeds, when I started writing this I actually realised just how many other things I’ve been doing or thinking about! So here we go with the first monthly favourites, all the things I’ve been loving (and lusting after) this month!

01. Hamilton – Disney+

Hamilton has officially hit Disney+ and GUYS IT IS SO GOOD! As someone who’s witnessed all the hype about the musical but never had the chance to see it live, I was stoked when it was announced that Disney+ users would be able to start streaming it this month. A recording of a Broadway performance with the original cast seemed like the perfect way to see it for the first time, without having to wait until theatres reopen to see it live in the West End (although *spoiler alert*, this will be happening as soon as it’s safe!).

From the opening ‘DUN DUN DUN DUN How does a bastard, orphan’, through the ‘I do I do I do I do’ of ‘Helpless’ to the magical Jonathan Groth showering the audience as King George III, right the way to the heartbreaking final curtain, I BLOODY LOVED IT. And I *may* have already gone in for seconds and thirds when Felix wasn’t looking… If you haven’t watched it, do it right now!

If you also watch things and then immediately open up a search bar to start researching them or start watching as much related content as you can find, once you’ve finished the original film I also recommend watching the two Hamilton documentaries that are also on Disney+.

02. Herbivore

After a bit of a planned hiatus from buying skincare whilst I finished up some products I already had (I’m currently hanging onto all my empties for a big ol’ skincare round up towards the end of the year), I’m starting to think about what to invest in next.

One brand that kept popping up on my radar was Herbivore, and after investing in the Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist earlier in the year and the Coco Rose Body Polish at the beginning of the month, I can see why! The face mist is perfect for summer, when my skin can still get a bit dry but heavier moisturisers seem to leave my face feeling more sweaty than dewy. This lil spritz is the perfect solution, and even comes in a travel size for when we might eventually make it on holiday (probably in 2021, let’s be honest!). The body polish is also UNREAL, and has left my skin feeling so soft. My only criticism is that I seem to be getting through it so quickly, they really should sell it in a bigger pot!

So with both those products smashing my expectations, I’m already eyeing up a few more bits from the below list when payday comes next week.

03. Might Delete Later Podcast

For those of you who already follow the lovely Gina Martin (who successfully made upskirting illegal in the UK last year – woo!) or her equally lovely (and very funny) comedian sister Stevie Martin, you might have already listened to their new podcast together: Might Delete Later.

The basic premise is that the podcast features a different guest each week, and they talk through their first ever post on social media, a post they regret and a post they’re most proud of. Guests so far have included Nish Kumar, Phil Wang, Jamie Windhurst and Rose Matafeo. It’s just a really lovely listen, offering a fresh perspective on the purpose of social media, along with some very funny moments. Would highly recommend!

04. 13th – Netflix

At a time when the Black Lives Matter Movement seemed to be gaining momentum but has arguably again slipped out of the global consciousness, continuing to educate ourselves (speaking as a white person to my fellow white people here) seems just about the bare minimum we can do. So with this in mind, this week we finally got around to watching the award-winning documentary 13th on Netflix.

The documentary offers an examination of the American. prison system, and looks at how the country’s history of racial inequality directly correlates to the high rate of Black imprisonment in the USA. It combines archival footage with interviews from activists and scholars, and taught me so much I didn’t know about how the prison system profits from incarcerating Black people and people of Colour. I can’t tell you how many times I cried watching this, it’s so powerful.

To make it even more accessible, Netflix have even uploaded it to YouTube so non-subscribers to the platform can still watch it, along with other documentaries from their Black Lives Matter Collection. There really is no excuse not to watch this. Please do.

05. A new mixer

We were kindly given some money by family as a little housewarming gift, so we finally decided it was time to buy the KitchenAid mixer of my dreams! I’ve been saving up for one for what seems like forever, but was still quite a way off buying one, so to finally be able to get one is so exciting!

We’ve gone for the 4.8L Artisan in a lush shade of pistachio green, as hopefully the kitchen will eventually be quite white/neutral when we redo it, so it will be nice to have a little pop of colour. It’s also a similar colour to the Smeg kettle I originally wanted before finding I could only get it in cream (everyone was buying mint green kettles during lockdown, it seems!).

When it arrives I’ll try and remember to do a lil review on insta stories for those of you who would be interested, and we’ll probably be buying a few attachments for it as we go along – any recommendations, let me know!


And finally, here’s a list of everthing I have my eye on to purchase once payday hits!

NB: I won’t be buying everything on this list, as I’m trying to be more mindful of what I buy and buy more quality over quantity, without over-consuming. I am by no means suggesting this is a normal amount of things to buy every month, simply offering a list of pretty/useful things and sustainable swaps that have caught my eye, and I might treat myself to one or two of – and thought you might like to, too!


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