I really can’t believe it’s August already – this year seems to just be moving so fast. Although maybe the way this year is going, we should just get it over and done with as quickly as possible! I still think we should just reset the year as 2020 in January and write the previous 12 months off (we could call it 2019b). Anyways, it seemed about time I got my arse in gear and set some goals for the month!

01. Get moving. I’ve gotten more than a little lazy recently – I think with still being on furlough (and with no end in sight currently), the days currently seem a little endless, and I’ve been procrastinating a lot because, well, there’s always tomorrow, or the day after… I’m determined to make more out of this time, and be a bit more productive now. I feel like I’ve had my break, it’s time to get stuck in a bit more and even try and do some actual exercise again too!

02. Spend even more time in the garden! As you might have seen on my Instagram stories, we’ve been spending a lot of time outside. Since we moved in, we’ve put up 2 new fences, cleared out a big skipload of ivy, general rubbish and old branches, planted 3 new flowerbeds, emptied and reorganised a shed, pinned back an unruly climbing rose and generally not stopped doing stuff outside. This month, we’ve got a garden gate to install, a big new flowerbed to dig and plant, even more ivy to remove, brambles to clear and a vegetable garden to clear, gravel the paths and fence off (owing to a certain spotty dog who just won’t stop running all over the soil, sigh). PHEW, we’ve got a lot to do!

03. Make some more home plans! I’m starting to get stuck into Pinterest boarding ideas for the new house more and more, and with the gardening season coming to an end in the coming months we need to start planning where to start in the house. We’ve already had the idea to start at the top of the house and work down (owing to some horror stories from friends who’ve had to rip out new kitchens after plumbing issues upstairs led to some big leaks), and along with the fun stuff like choosing furniture we’ll also be tackling some less stuff too! Things like optimising our loft insulation, taking down a bedroom ceiling that’s been covered over (we don’t really know why, but we suspect there might be some asbestos in there…), replacing some window panes and switching out plastic windowsills (why?!) for wooden ones. But finding pretty things in the meantime will hopefully stop me from overthinking all the less fun things that need doing!

04. Make even more eco-friendly swaps. I’ve got a post on this coming soon, so I won’t give too much away, but as we use up products/items wear out we’re trying our best to replace them with more ethical and environmentally conscious options where we can. I’ve just ordered some stretchy silicone lids to cover bowls of leftovers etc. in the fridge to help us stop using clingfilm, some more beeswax wraps and some netting and cotton vegetable bags to avoid taking the plastic-wrapped option when we pop to the shops. Felix has started making his own beer and I’m making lots of jam from fruit in the garden this year. Basically we’re just trying to make the best choices in every aspect of everyday living we can, including less disposable options, and it’s something that’s really making both of us happy!

05. Less screen time. I’ve spent far too much time glued to a screen, mostly either scrolling social media or watching TV (Disney+ having every episode of The Simpsons now is so dangerous, it’s far too easy to just binge it, and it never seems to end!), so I’m committed to try and spend more time in the real world. So far, I’ve deleted Twitter, TikTok and Facebook (I don’t think I could ever part with Instagram or Pinterest!), and I’ve started setting limits for the apps I find myself spending too much time on. I really think I have an addictive personality when it comes to screens as I find it super hard to not have the TV on in the background all the time, so I really want to get more of a handle on it!

So that’s my August. Plenty to do, hopefully I’ll have time for it all! What are your plans for the month?


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