Why should the hoomans have all the fun? It’s time to think about gifts for your most loyal furry companions: doggos! This list is Astrid-approved and filled with gifts she’s already had in the past or that I just know she’d love to receive.

With everyone else indulging at Christmas, it seems unfair for pooches not to get their fair share of the action. I truly love buying presents for Astrid – she’s always the one who I get the most enthusiastic reaction from! I try and limit myself to few new toys, one big ticket practical item like a collar or maybe a new bed, and then I spend whatever money is left over on as many treats as I can afford!

I’ve kept this gift list just to ideas for dogs, but obviously you might have other fluffies to buy gifts for too! My parents and sister both own cats and rabbits, and I always try to give them a lil something for the festive season too – a tasty treat and a small toy are a super easy idea, and ones you can easily find at any local pet store or online without breaking the bank.

NB: a note on pet gifts in the interest of safety. Always supervise your furry friends around presents of all shapes and sizes, and always check the ingredients before you feed them anything that isn’t originally intended for animal consumption.

See my ideas for great gifts for pooches this year:

Come back tomorrow for the fifth gift guide for this year: for the home!


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