Buying and decorating a tree might be my favourite part of Christmas. I love the trip to the garden centre or farm, sorting through a forest of spruces and firs to pick out the most symmetrical one. I even love the bit where you realise it’s far too big for your front room before spending a swear-filled, sweaty hour sawing it down to make it fit. I love seeing it soaking in a bucket outside the back door, waiting to make the trip to pride of place in the living room. I love lifting it into place, twisting the fairy lights from branch to branch, draping endless baubles to fill every available space and setting the star on top. I love the moment of standing back and admiring my handiwork, mug of hot chocolate in hand, the air filled with the smell of fresh pine needles. This is the moment I truly feel the Christmas spirit.

Every year I sit and survey our bauble collection, eyeing up a new glass bauble to fill that gap, a souvenir of a trip to go here, a homemade addition there. I love a mix of tree decoration styles that tie into an overall theme. I am always drawn to celestial-themed baubles, so our tree is always full of moons, stars, suns, planets and rockets. There are also some animals (there always has to be a Dalmatian!), some musical-themed baubles, traditional snowflake or two and this year, some newly-made clouds. For colours, I tend to stick to metallics and neutrals, with the odd pop of muted colour.

You can never have too many baubles, and every year I scour all my favourite shops to find the best new sparklies to add to our tree. I love decorating the house for the festive season, and I thought I’d share all my favourite finds in a dedicated bauble post.

See my prettiest bauble picks below:

There’ll be another round-up coming in the next few days with my finds for decorating the rest of your home, and if you fancy some more inspiration, you can check out my post on decorating for Christmas from last year here.


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