It’s time for another Christmas crafts post! After eyeing up some tassel bead garlands on some of my favourite insta accounts across the pond and wondering if I could justify buying some, I decided to have a go at making my own.

I just loved the way they looked, and there are so many options for how to display them. I think they look lovely on a shelf or over a mantelpiece, draped over a picture frame, or you could even hang them over your Christmas tree!

I’m so excited to share this little DIY for wooden bead garlands – they’re so easy and pretty, I even think I might have to make a few more! They’re also super simple to personalise. I’ve gone with leaving the beads plain but you could paint them or even varnish them, if that’s your bag, and for the threas I’ve used colours I can’t seem to get enough of lately, but you could go for a natural twine for a more neutral vibe, or some pretty metallic string for an extra festive look. You could go for smaller beads, bigger beads or even a mixture – the basic steps will work for whatever you fancy!


For the exact products I used, see the above links.

Round wooden beads (I used about 60 beads per garland, so 2 packs of the beads linked above per garland you want to make)

String or twine

A metal straw (or you could use a pencil, or something else narrow and cylindrical)


A hot glue gun


  1. Start by making the tassel. Take the end of the string or twine and begin by measuring about 15cm of string. Leaving the cut end dangling, wrap the part of the string still attached to the rest of the reel over the top of your metal straw.
  2. Once your string is sitting in an ‘n’ shape over the top of the straw, once again loop the reel end over the top of your straw (so at this point you should have a loop and a half of string, all meeting at the same length). Continue looping until you’re happy with the amount of string loops (I made 25 loops so my tassel strings would look chunky and full. Once you’re happy, snip the end of the string connected to the reel with your scissors.
  3. Next, cut an extra length of string from your reel – about 30cm. Knot the length of string around your loops, about 1.5cm from the top, then wrap the long end around the knot you just made, continuing to tightly wrap until you reach the end of the string, then secure the end in place with a dot of hot glue, pressing the string down with your thumb until it’s dry to secure in place.
  4. Take your scissors towards the bottom of your tassel, and cut the ends of the string however long or short you like, making sure the strings are all the same length.
  5. Repeat the first 3 steps to make another tassel for the other end of your garland. When you get to step 4, lay your second tassel next to the first and cut the string at the same length to ensure they match.
  6. Next, begin stringing your beads onto the reel of string, continuing until you’re happy with the length – or you’ve used all your beads!
  7. Cut the string at the end of the beads, leaving about 20cm of string on both sides.
  8. Push one end of your garland string through the top loop of a tassel, tying in a double knot to secure. Use your scissors to trim off any excess string at that end.
  9. Slide all the beads along the string until they sit flush with the tassel (this way you should avoid a gappy garland!). Push the other end of your string through the top loop of your other tassel and tie in a double knot to secure. Use your scissors to trim off any excess string at that end.
  10. Voila! Your bead garland is now ready to hang.

Don’t forget to let me know if you decide to give this tutorial a try – I’d love to see photos of all your bead garland creations! If you’re on Instagram, post your photos using the hashtag ‘#thisgirlismaking’.


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