It’s no big secret that 2020 has been a bit of a crappy year – and with last night’s announcements for tier 4 in lots of places, it might not be the Christmas you were hoping for either. With endless cancelled plans, there’s seemingly been very little to dress up for; so, I’ve decided it’s time we all got dressed up just for ourselves!

There’s something so special about the ritual of getting ready to go out, and although I am a homebird and love spending time at home and decorating (Felix refers to it as me ‘nesting’!), I have also missed the time spent wiggling into a cute dress, curling my hair and applying a spritz of my favourite perfume. And so I thought ‘screw it, if I can’t go out, I’ll just get dressed up for me this year’!

Whether it’s a fancy dress and heels or the classic jeans-and-a-nice-top combo, there’s usually a little confidence boost to be found when you put on your glad rags, and despite the many benefits to spending most days in my comfies since the pandemic began, they don’t do much to make me feel particularly glamorous! And that’s not to say that pyjamas can’t be glamorous, but until I can finally afford those silk Daily Sleeper ones with the fancy feather cuffs, mine are sadly not something that make me feel particularly fancy…

It’s been a right poop of a year, and it’s about time we celebrated the bloody end of it in style. So, if all else fails, put on your fanciest outfit (even if you’re pairing it with slippers!), pop that prosecco and dance around the kitchen to the cheesiest festive tunes. Simultaneous zoom call with your family optional.

And if you’re stuck for something to wear during all that solo festive boogie-ing, see my round-up of the loveliest fancy-gal dresses and accessories below:

Will you be dressing up at home in your best outfit this year, or maybe just adding a splash of glam to your favourite pyjs? Let me know in the comments below!


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