Q: How did you get into writing?

A: I basically spent a lot of time reading as a child, and always enjoyed writing. Everything grew from my English lessons in school I guess, and then all that essay writing at university, even though I ended up doing a music degree. I now work in PR – which also involves a fair amount of writing!

Q: I love your dog – how did you end up with a Dalmatian?

A: My boyfriend and I always knew we wanted to get a dog at some point, and I always wanted a Dalmatian as a child. Although I would have been happy with another breed or having a smaller dog, Felix is very set on his preference for bigger pooches and wanted a breed that could keep up on long walks and could run alongside him. We also both wanted a breed that was quick to train, and Dalmatians are known for picking things up really quickly. Astrid is actually our second Dalmatian; we sadly lost our first pup, Lola, who we still miss dearly, but knew we wanted another spotty when the time came.

She’s a lot of work, but is just the most silly, affectionate and crazy pup and she brings us both so much joy. If getting a Dalmatian (or any other kind of furry pal), please don’t just go on looks and do lots of research first – I’ve written a short puppy guide here, or there’s lots of great advice from Dogs Trust too.


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